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Biomedical Waste Transport and Disposal

Autoclave Treatment

Trauma Site Clean Up

OSHA Biomedical Waste Training

OSHA HazCom Training

Consultation on Biohazard Waste Handling


Red Biohazard Bags

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

95 Gallons Medical Waste Containers

Sharps Containers



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We Serve a Wide Cross Section of Biomedical Waste Generating Facilities


Nursing Homes

Dialysis Centers

Physician’s Practices

Dental Practices

OSHA HazCom Training

Veterinary Clinics

Surgical Centers

Home Health Care Agencies

Laboratory Facilities

Tattoo Shops

Additional Services


Advance Medical Sanitation will provide OSHA Biomedical Waste and OSHA HazCom annual training in-person at each facility to facility’s staff – one full day assigned to each facility per year.

We do not add fuel charges, stop charges, etc.

Advance Medical Sanitation, Inc. will partner with you to provide the highest quality service at the most reasonable price.

You will not be disappointed and we are always ready to meet your needs.